Scrap Tales was one of approximately 80 stores nationwide to attend Ek Success' Inaugural Training session for Scrapbook Design University. We are able to provide you with certified instructors and an incredible Educational program designed to teach beginner through advanced scarpbookers basic scrapbook theories and principles.

There are 10 classes in the course work of SDU. The first 5 classes are theory classes and teach the principles of scrapbooking. The second 5 classes are project classes that focus on foundational scrapbook techniques.

Scrapbook Design University runs on a 5-week cycle. You can begin classes at any point during the cycle. If you are familiar with crafting skills, you can take theory and project classes at the same time.
After completion of all 10 courses of Scrapbook Design University, you then achieve graduate status. You will receive an official SDU diploma from Ek Success at our SDU graduation ceremony.

SDU Fee:
Register for all 10 classes and receive a SDU Binder to store your lessons. Course fee is $100.00.
Theory classes are $10.00 and Technique classes are $12.00.